Duisport rail leases three Northrail Vectrons Dual Mode

Duisport rail leases three Northrail Vectrons Dual Mode
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The railway company of the Duisburg port has two out of three Siemens Vectrons Dual Mode locomotives leased from Northrail in the operation.

Since September 2023, the fleet of Duisburg rail has been strengthened by two Dual Mode Vectron locomotives (248 050 and 067) from Siemens Mobility, provided on lease via Northrail. The third locomotive will be delivered by the end of this year, with all three serving tracks in and around the Duisburg port.

The port, long-determined to shift to rail from road, is pleased with locomotives with higher performance and lower environmental impact simultaneously. Duisport rail, established in 2001, is a part of duisport group, a full-service provider of the world’s largest inland port.

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