Czech Railways: Reduced fares for cops who intervene

Czech Railways: Reduced fares for cops who intervene

A new cooperation between Czech Railways (ČD) and the Police of the Czech Republic will increase safety on the national carrier's trains.

As part of a joint project between ČD and the Police of the Czech Republic, police officers will now be able to travel more cheaply on the trains of the national carrier. Employees of the Czech Police on duty are then ready to assist train staff in dealing with any incidents when travelling on ČD trains. The reciprocal agreement between ČD and the Czech Police has been in force since March and in the first ten days about two hundred police officers have already taken advantage of the offer.

Police officers have the opportunity to purchase a discount card of various values at half price on the mobile app. The conductor will then check the tickets to see if it is a police officer.

The cooperation will contribute to increasing the safety of both passengers and ČD employees. "If a security incident occurs during the journey, our train staff can ask the police officer present for help. An example of such a situation is a conflict with a passenger without a valid travel document. The involvement of a police officer will help, thanks to his powers, to speed up the resolution of such situations, which may also have an impact on train delays, as it is not necessary to wait for the arrival of police officers at the nearest suitable station," says Michal Krapinec, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČD.

"I am pleased that thanks to our cooperation with ČD we have been able to offer another of the many important benefits to police officers and civil servants. In connection with this benefit, we reminded our officers once again of the provisions of the Police Act of the Czech Republic, which stipulates the obligation to take action when public order or security is threatened, even during off-duty hours," said Police President Martin Vondrášek.

Together with the police, the national carrier is also intensively dealing with the graffiti situation. Spray-painted trains are a problem especially in large agglomerations, such as Prague or Brno. Last year, 400 cases of graffiti were registered and the damage caused by sprayers exceeded CZK 5 million.

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