A new transhipment terminal on a broad-gauge railway line in Poland

A new transhipment terminal on a broad-gauge railway line in Poland

Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa (LHS) has recently inaugurated its new transhipment terminal.

This facility, operated by PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa, is in the Podkarpackie province. Its opening will boost the cargo volume transported via the broad-gauge railway line. Additionally, it will facilitate the management of intermodal loads in Wola Baranowska, promoting advanced logistics services in the region.

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Rafał Weber, highlighted the significance of this project for the economic growth of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. He emphasized its role in enhancing rail cargo transport capabilities and bolstering supply chain security. Weber also mentioned that such investments reflect a comprehensive approach to developing railway infrastructure and constructing an integrated transport system.

Zbigniew Tracichleb, President of the Management Board of PKP LHS, stated that the new terminal would allow for longer trains at the station, improve vehicle access to the transhipped goods, and enhance traffic flow in the loading area. This development is also expected to increase the station's capacity and the safety of stored goods.

The project included constructing a transhipment and storage yard spanning 40,600 sqm; new railway tracks with 1,435 mm and 1,520 mm gauges, and railway control devices. Additionally, a new access road and parking area for cars were built. The terminal has also been equipped with new telecommunication, electrical, water, and sewage systems and security monitoring. New reloading equipment such as reach stacker containers, bulk goods handlers, a wheel loader, and a forklift have been installed to handle intermodal loads efficiently.

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