UIRR: CountEmissionEU regulation must be mandatory to be effective

UIRR: CountEmissionEU regulation must be mandatory to be effective
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UIRR position paper acknowledges the merits of the proposal but urges that it be made mandatory for all transport chains in order to have a real impact on reducing emissions.

The International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport (UIRR) has welcomed the European Commission's proposal for a CountEmissionEU Regulation, a key element of the Greening Freight Transport Package (GFTP). However, the organization insists that in order to have a significant impact on reducing emissions in the freight transport sector, the regulation must be made mandatory. The organization also opposes the exclusion of small and medium-sized operators (SMEs) from the scope of the regulation.

CountEmissionEU aims to calculate and report the carbon emissions of various transport chains. UIRR believes that this should be compulsory for all transport chains, in particular for long-distance door-to-door transport. Such transport often has a combined transport alternative with significantly better energy efficiency and well-to-wheel CO2 profiles compared to single truck operations.

With regard to SMEs, the UIRR emphasizes that they should report their carbon footprint in accordance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) when they are subcontractors of larger economic operators who are obliged to report under the CSRD. The UIRR also recommends the introduction of a labeling system for the greenhouse gas (GHG) performance of transport chains based on their well-to-wheel GHG emissions as calculated by CountEmissionEU. Such labels could serve as a valuable tool for consumers to express their preferences and thus influence the choices made by shippers and consignors.

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