Operail transitions to an exclusive private fleet for freight transport

Operail transitions to an exclusive private fleet for freight transport
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Nothing changes for clients using Operail wagons for domestic use in Estonia, however, there is a change for international transport.

Operail has recently announced a significant shift in its freight transportation operations. Formerly known for providing customers with access to freight wagons from the public fleet, Operail has re-registered all its offered wagons as part of the private fleet. This change will alter the procedures and conditions for clients seeking to order wagons for external transport.

For customers involved in domestic shipments within Estonia, the transition will not bring any notable changes. Ordering wagons for loading and transport within the private fleet will adhere to the same conditions as those previously applicable to the use of wagons in the public fleet. Moreover, charges for wagon usage will continue to be determined based on the existing conditions for the public fleet.

However, clients seeking to utilise these wagons for transporting goods beyond Estonia's borders will now be required to enter into a specific wagon rental agreement with Operail. This agreement will involve a fixed rental fee, a deposit, and other rental conditions, including the responsibility for the costs of ongoing repairs abroad. The determination of rental prices will be conducted on a case-by-case basis, considering various factors such as the project's scale, duration, route, and market conditions.

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