First grain container train from Ukraine arrives at Riga port

First grain container train from Ukraine arrives at Riga port
© Latvijas dzelzceļš

1423 tons of rapeseed from Ukraine were delivered in 54 containers. The cargo from Ukraine arrived at the port of Riga via the Kaunas intermodal railway terminal.

A few days ago, Riga Universal Terminal (RUT) received and unloaded the first test train with Ukrainian grain products, delivered to the Freeport of Riga by SIA LDZ CARGO, a subsidiary of SJSC "Latvijas dzelzceļš".

"We must do everything possible to promote a faster victory for Ukraine. I am pleased with the successful cooperation between Latvian Railways, the Port of Riga and Rīgas Universālais Termināls, which enabled the delivery of the first Ukrainian grain cargo by rail and further transhipment at the port. Latvia will continue to be an important ally of Ukraine, promoting its integration into the European transport network," said Transport Minister Kaspars Briškens.

Receiving grain in containers is a new experience for the terminals at the Port of Riga. Edgars Rudzītis, head of RUT's bulk storage department, said the terminal, which is equipped and ready to receive grain container trains from Ukraine, has the necessary technologies for container handling, as well as warehouses and suitable infrastructure for storing and loading bulk cargo. Despite the new type of cargo handling and the related challenges, all the work was carried out efficiently - the terminal's capabilities made it possible to meet the carrier's main requirement - to quickly release the railway platforms so that they can be used for new transport tasks.

The containers were shipped from Ukraine on 25 September, reloaded onto SIA LDZ CARGO platforms in Kaunas on 8 October, and arrived at the Port of Riga on 11 October, where the cargo was unloaded at the Riga Universal Terminal. The railway transport was organised by SIA LDZ CARGO in cooperation with the client - SIA "LTG Cargo Ukraina" within the framework of the cooperation agreement concluded in November 2022.

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