Rail Cargo Hungaria's role in the sugar beet harvest

Rail Cargo Hungaria's role in the sugar beet harvest
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Rail Cargo Hungaria aims to transport 450-470 thousand tonnes of sugar beet by the end of January 2024, half of which will be transported by rail.

Rail Cargo Hungaria has launched the sugar beet campaign for 2023, marking the beginning of sugar beet deliveries to the Magyar Cukor Zrt. factory in Kaposvár. Hungary's rail freight company will transport a total of 450-470 thousand tonnes of sugar beet to the country's only sugar factory by January 2024, with half of the raw material being transported by rail and the remaining 50% by road.

This year, Hungarian farmers planted 14,000 hectares of sugar beet for the factory, a significant increase from last year. During the 125-130 days of the campaign, Rail Cargo Hungaria's trains will cover more than 150 thousand kilometers, with an average of four sugar beet trains per day. Some of these trains will cover distances of more than 450 kilometers.

Despite the favorable conditions for sugar beet growing, Rail Cargo Hungaria is facing challenges such as higher electricity prices for traction compared to previous years and ongoing track reconstruction works, which increase the complexity and cost of rail transport.

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