Spain: the final phase of construction of the new terminal at Port of Tarragona

Spain: the final phase of construction of the new terminal at Port of Tarragona

The terminal at the Port of Tarragona is expected to be operational in 2024, becoming an infrastructure that will represent the most important "dry port" as a hub in the center of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Port of Tarragona, located in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia, has announced a tender for the second phase of works at the PortTaragona Guadalajara-Marchamalo terminal. The budget for the final phase of the terminal works is €26,704,546.73 (including VAT) and the deadline is one year. The Intermodal Terminal PortTarragona Guadalajara-Marchamalo will be a key strategic point to attract new traffic from the center of the peninsula, consolidating PortTarragona as a natural gateway to and from the Mediterranean.

The terminal will become the main 'dry port' as a hub for the center of the peninsula. It will have the capacity to direct the main national and international flows of goods, since it is located in the area of influence of Madrid and located in the Henares corridor, the most dynamic area around the capital of the state, with more than 6 million inhabitants in a radius of 60 km. The new terminal will strengthen the connection and capacity of the Henares Corridor with the "Mediterranean Corridor". The transport of goods between the peninsula and the rest of Europe will be supported by two logistics platforms that the Port of Tarragona will operate in a coordinated manner.

As part of the construction works, 19 railway sidings will be built to allow all movements and maneuvers, 3 loading and unloading tracks for trains up to 750 meters long, and 3 receiving and unloading tracks for trains up to 750 meters long. In total, 7,750 meters of Iberian gauge will be built. A multifunctional space, specializing in logistics functions, distribution, and transformation, with all the equipment and facilities to complement the main activity, which is expected to be operational in 2024.

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