Unimot buys more tank wagons

Unimot buys more tank wagons

Last week, the company signed a contract for the purchase of new rail tank cars for the transport of petrol and diesel. The total value of the contracts signed is EUR 19.43 million (PLN 92.21 million).

Since last year, Unimot has been gradually investing in vehicles for the transport of fuels, both by road and by rail. The first contracts for the purchase of tank wagons were signed in 2022, and now more have been added. Unimot has acquired wagons with a capacity of approximately 10,000 m3, which will be delivered by 15 July 2023. The company has purchased tank wagons with a total capacity of more than 18,000 m3.

"The wagons purchased are an important addition to the logistics base and will be used primarily by the Unimot Group and, where possible, made available to external entities. The development of our own rail resources will allow us to make our operations more flexible and increase the efficiency of the liquid fuel trade," Unimot's announcement reads.

The purchase of more rail tank cars is part of the implementation of the business strategy linked to the development of the company's activities in the fuel logistics market. It should be remembered that Unimot is in the process of finalising the acquisition of the Olavion railway company, which has the necessary licences and rolling stock to provide transport services (read more).

This article was originally published on our sister's publication sektorkolejowy.pl

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