Polish energy group Unimot wants to buy Olavion company

Polish energy group Unimot wants to buy Olavion company

Unimot Group invests in rail transport logistics and announces terms and conditions of the purchase of shares of the company Olavion.

Olavion, which the Unimot Group is going to acquire, provides services in the field of rail transportation in Poland under the relevant license, as well as freight forwarding services nationally and abroad. In addition, Olavion maintains long-term business relationships and has multi-annual agreements concluded, which allow for providing freight and shipping services to its customers. Olavion has 15 locomotives and 64 employees, including 40 drivers. Within the three quarters of 2022, Olavion transported 750,000 tonnes of goods. The company has the potential to transport approximately 1.5 million tonnes of goods annually.

Due to the highly dynamic market situation, we have decided to put our great effort into investments in logistics. As a result, this year, we concluded agreements for the purchase of rail tankers. We have also decided to acquire Olavion, which holds the relevant licenses and has well-qualified staff, as well as locomotives and the required know-how. Our goal is to become an integrated group that provides our customers with certain products and ensures the entire logistics process. This is especially important taking into consideration our previous experience in planning deliveries and transport and storage logistics, as well as the upcoming acquisition of shares owned by Lotos Terminale, which includes nine fuel terminals and two bitumen plants,” says Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of Unimot S.A.

By the “Term Sheet”, the parties thereto shall conclude a preliminary conditional agreement for the sale of shares following negotiations in this regard. The Parties shall conclude a final agreement upon the fulfillment of the conditions precedent. The negotiations are deemed to be successful and the agreements are considered to be concluded when seven persons, i.e., Olavion’s minority shareholders, who are members of Olavion’s key management staff, enter into the transaction under specified terms and conditions.

The estimated value of the transaction, taking into consideration the agreed mechanisms for determining the price for the acquisition of 100 % of shares owned by Olavion, will be specified at the transaction date.

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