Kombiverkehr with a 16% drop in 2023 compared to previous year

Kombiverkehr with a 16% drop in 2023 compared to previous year
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Engineering works, strikes and weather all resulted in high rerouting costs.

In 2023, Kombiverkehr KG transported a total of 815,467 truckloads, equivalent to 1.63 million TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units), via rail, marking a reduction of 15.9% in containers, swap bodies, and semi-trailers compared to the previous year. This transition from road to rail facilitated a saving of 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Despite the environmental benefits, the company faced challenges such as decreased demand for transport services, quality issues due to rail network engineering works, strikes, and weather-related disruptions, all of which were exacerbated by high rerouting costs and energy prices.

The financial year was tough for Kombiverkehr, with the transport industry facing an overall acute situation due to a weakening EU economy, cost pressures, and declining service quality. These challenges were compounded by legislative uncertainties and potential cutbacks in rail freight transport funding, which could affect the cost-effectiveness of rail over road transport.

Kombiverkehr stressed the importance of EU-level decisions for the future of intermodal transport, advocating for directives that ensure a fair playing field across all modes of transport. The company supports the EU's Green Deal, emphasizing the need for clarity and fairness in legislative measures to avoid further imbalances between road and rail transport.

On the innovation front, Kombiverkehr has embarked on automating terminal handling processes to streamline operations and reduce wait times for truck drivers. This initiative aims to make delivery and collection processes faster and more efficient, demonstrating significant progress with a successful pilot project at the Leipzig terminal.

Additionally, Kombiverkehr expanded its service offerings in early 2024, enhancing flexibility for freight forwarding and logistics customers, especially in southeast European services to Turkey and Greece, as well as introducing new routes for north European transport to Sweden. These expansions are part of the company's effort to provide more efficient and sustainable transport options across Europe.

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