LTG Cargo and Ukrainian Railways test new Kaunas-Kyiv freight trail

LTG Cargo and Ukrainian Railways test new Kaunas-Kyiv freight trail

The new route is expected to facilitate fast and reliable transport of various goods, including fertilizers, construction materials, and food products, thus improving logistical connectivity between Lithuania and Ukraine.

The maiden journey of semi-trailers commenced from the seaport of Klaipėda, reaching the intermodal terminal in Kaunas before traversing to Kyiv. This first test run followed an official meeting between LTG Cargo and Ukrainian Railways in September, which marked a joint commitment to promote international transport solutions.

Eglė Šimė, head of LTG Cargo, emphasized the significance of this new route: “In today's conditions, a traffic jam at the limit of this distance on the road can take up to two weeks and more. By this new route we hope to provide clients a reliable and faster way of fight transportation by rail. In this way, we can deliver semi-trailers with cargo to customers up to 3 times faster than this route is covered by road transport”

The scope of this route goes beyond the direct Kaunas-Kiev link. It offers flexible transport options, including connections to the seaport of Klaipėda and access to points throughout the Baltic States. The route's versatility allows for a range of cargo types, including fertilizers, PET granules, salt, grain, construction materials, and various food and beverage products.

Vyacheslav Yeromin, a board member of Ukrainian Railways, outlined the operational journey. Cargo on the Kaunas-Kiev route will be handled by LTG Cargo in Lithuania and LTG Cargo Polska in Poland. Upon reaching the Medyka-Mostyska border point, cargo will be transferred from European to Ukrainian broad gauge wagons for the final stretch overseen by Ukrainian Railways to the "Liski" terminal in Kyiv. The terminal will facilitate further distribution throughout Ukraine by road.

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