ČD seeks new HQ in Prague through competition

ČD seeks new HQ in Prague through competition
Current HQ of ČD © Ministry of Transport

ČD has launched a competitive dialogue to secure a new, modern headquarters in Prague to consolidate operations and improve efficiency.

České dráhy (ČD), the Czech national railway operator, has launched a competitive dialogue for a new headquarters for its operations in Prague. The process aims to find the most efficient solution for accommodating nearly 1.400 employees, who are currently spread across various locations in the city. This initiative reflects the company's commitment to modernising its facilities and centralising its operations to improve organisational efficiency.

Michal Krapinec, Chairman and CEO, emphasised the need for modern facilities. "We want to modernise our entire company and it is essential that we move to a space that meets today's standards," he said. He pointed out the limitations of the current headquarters in the historic building on the bank of the Vltava River, which is neither environmentally friendly nor easily adaptable due to heritage protection laws.

The new headquarters will not only provide a modern workspace, but will also contribute to significant cost savings by eliminating multiple rental agreements. "The modern headquarters will help us attract young employees and create a 21st century working environment, which could save us millions of euros a year in operating costs alone," Krapinec added.

The selection process will consider existing administrative complexes and proposals for new buildings on land owned by České dráhy or other entities. Three potential sites near major railway hubs - Prague Main Station, Libeň and Holešovice - have been identified for their strategic importance.

The new building will have a gross floor area of approximately 18.100 square metres, of which 13.164 square metres will be office space. It will also feature environmentally friendly facilities, including areas for rainwater management and solar panels, in line with the company's sustainability goals.

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