Eiffage increases its stake in Getlink, surpasses the 20% mark

Eiffage increases its stake in Getlink, surpasses the 20% mark
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Eiffage, the prominent French construction and concessions company, has enhanced its investment in Getlink.

Eiffage purchased an additional 1.76% share of the Getlink capital. This recent purchase of 9,696,452 shares escalates Eiffage's total holding to an influential 20.55% of Getlink's capital and 20.72% of its voting rights upon the shares' settlement.

With this transaction, Eiffage cements its status as the primary shareholder of Getlink, having surpassed the significant 20% threshold for both capital and voting rights. The company has articulated a clear intention to remain a long-term stakeholder in Getlink, expressing confidence and backing for Getlink's strategic direction.

While Eiffage has signalled interest in further increasing its stake as market conditions evolve, it has explicitly stated it does not envision launching a public bid for the entirety of Getlink's shares.

The investment, valued at 143.5 million euros, equivalent to 14.80 euros per share, has been financed entirely from Eiffage’s cash reserves. Eiffage is working on construction and maintenance of Getlink’s Channel Tunnel operations.

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