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MORIS Sp. z o.o.

For many years, the company has been a supplier of a wide range of high-quality metallurgical products for many market segments, including: railways, machine industry, steel structures, mining etc.
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Nossen-Riesaer Eisenbahn-Compagnie GmbH (NRE)

The Nossen-Riesaer Eisenbahn-Compagnie GmbH (NRE) is a railway infrastructure company from Nossen in central Saxony. Further, We have been offering train services as a logistics company since 2014.
Nossen-Riesaer Eisenbahn-Compagnie GmbH (NRE) logo

Hamburg Port Authority AöR (Port of Hamburg)

Modern and sustainable port management from a single source: The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) takes care of the economic heartbeat of the Hanseatic city.
Hamburg Port Authority AöR (Port of Hamburg) logo


Bane NOR is a state-owned company responsible for the national railway infrastructure. Bane NOR's mission is to ensure accessible railway infrastructure and efficient and user-friendly services etc.
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ÖBB-Infrastruktur Aktiengesellschaft

With around 18,700 employees, we plan, develop, maintain and operate the entire ÖBB rail infrastructure; train stations, routes, buildings, terminals, telecommunication systems etc.
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Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF)

Adif, the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, is a state-owned company that answers to the Ministerio de de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana.
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Motorail UK Ltd

The market leaders in the UK railway industry for the storage and management of off lease, end of life and new to service rolling stock (QRTC testing and trialling site).
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Chládek & Tintěra, a.s.

From railways to apartment buildings. Hippos build everywhere.
Chládek & Tintěra, a.s. logo

RC-CF Trans S.R.L.

RC-CF Trans SRL is a private capital company, specialized in the management - maintenance and operations of non-interoperable railway infrastructure leased from CFR-SA, national state railways.
RC-CF Trans S.R.L. logo

Internationale Gesellschaft für Eisenbahnverkehr – IGE GmbH&Co.KG

We connect Bavaria
Internationale Gesellschaft für Eisenbahnverkehr – IGE GmbH&Co.KG logo

Estonian Railways Ltd.

Estonian Railways Ltd. is a state-owned company and is responsible for the development, maintenance and administration of railway infrastructure.
Estonian Railways Ltd. logo

Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A.

Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. is a state owned Portuguese company entrusted with the management, maintenance and operation of the state rail and road network in Portugal.
Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. logo

ProRail B.V.

ProRail is a government task organisation that takes care of maintenance and extensions of the national railway network infrastructure in Nehterlands (not the metro or tram).
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TSS, a.s.

Traťová strojní společnost, a.s. based in Ostrava is a Czech company that deals primarily with construction activities on railways and the operation of rail transport.
TSS, a.s. logo

Trafikverket, Swedish Transport Administration

Trafikverket is responsible for long-term planning of the transport system for all types of traffic, as well as for building, operating and maintaining public roads and railways.
Trafikverket, Swedish Transport Administration logo

Hanseatische Infrastrukturgesellschaft mbH

We are your partner for regional infrastructure. As a public, non-federally owned railway infrastructure company, HIG guarantees non-discriminatory and unrestricted network access.
Hanseatische Infrastrukturgesellschaft mbH logo


The mission of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. a company with majority stock held by the State Treasury is to create the best conditions possible for providing transportation services for the country

Network Rail

Network Rail owns, operates and develops Britain’s railway infrastructure. That’s 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts and the thousands of signals, level crossings and station.
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HS1 Ltd

HS1 Ltd has the 30-year concession to own, operate and maintain High Speed 1 (HS1), the UK’s only high-speed railway, as well as the stations along the route.
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VPE Rail Capacity Allocation Office Kft.

Allocating railway capacity for open access network, developing and publishing the Network Statement of Infrastructure Managers, determining network access charges and also collecting of charges.
VPE Rail Capacity Allocation Office Kft. logo

Iarnród Éireann Infrastructure

The maintenance and renewal of the track, structures and buildings of Iarnród Éireann is the responsibility of the Iarnród Éireann Infra and Chief Civil Engineer.
Iarnród Éireann Infrastructure logo

Farge-Vegesacker Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft mbH

Farge-Vegesacker Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft mbH (FVE) is a company with a 120 year long tradition. Within the Captrain Deutschland group it is known today for its excellent infrastructural competence.
Farge-Vegesacker Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft mbH logo


Servizi Ferroviari Integrati deals with the control of weed vegetation through chemical weeding, mechanical and manual trimming, felling and control of trees, reducing the thermal rise of the tracks


Gleisfrei has developed over the years, becoming today a company producing, repairing and overhauling not only railway construction vehicles and equipment, like motor bogies, shunting locomotives and

DT - Výhybkárna a strojírna, a.s.

We specialize in the development, construction, production, assembly and regeneration of switch constructions for railway lines, tram lines and metro lines.
DT - Výhybkárna a strojírna, a.s. logo

Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn GmbH

The DRE Group's railway infrastructure companies make it possible. Whether local rail transport, seasonal tourism or heavy goods traffic, we offer railway companies the most important thing - tracks.
Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn GmbH logo

Správa železnic, státní organizace

The basic mission of the Railway Administration is to fulfill the function of owner and operator of national and state-owned regional railways.
Správa železnic, státní organizace logo


We have specialists who have outstanding expertise not only in Hungary, but also in Central Europe, and who can perform any railway and bridge construction tasks.
TRIMAN Kft. logo

Mittelfränkische Eisenbahnbetriebs GmbH

Mittelfränkische Eisenbahnbetriebs GmbH is approved as a railway infrastructure company. 54 long track between Dombühl and Nördlingen.
Mittelfränkische Eisenbahnbetriebs GmbH logo

Železničné stavby, a.s. Košice

We carry out work on the construction of high-speed lines, reconstruction of railway and tram lines, reconstruction of sewers and culverts, construction of platforms, construction of retaining walls.
Železničné stavby, a.s. Košice logo


Il nostro Gruppo rappresenta un’eccellenza italiana dell’industria ferroviaria, specializzata nella costruzione e nel rinnovamento di infrastrutture ferroviarie e per la mobilità urbana.

DE Infrastruktur GmbH

The railroad network of DE Infrastruktur GmbH connects the port of Dortmund with the regional iron and steel industry. The infrastructure company has 50 km of public, over 100 km of non-public rail.
DE Infrastruktur GmbH logo

Colas Rail Hrvatska D.o.o.

Colas Rail is able to offer turnkey systems for railway infrastructures that cover the whole life cycle, from design to construction and maintenance.
Colas Rail Hrvatska D.o.o. logo

Dolnośląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Napraw Infrastruktury Komunikacyjnej DOLKOM Sp. z o.o.

DOLKOM Sp. z o.o. in Wrocław deals with repairs of the railway surface in the field of major repairs and ongoing maintenance of tracks and turnouts on railway lines and stations.
Dolnośląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Napraw Infrastruktury Komunikacyjnej DOLKOM Sp. z o.o. logo

MÁV Zrt.

Operator of the largest part of the Hungarian public railway network, MÁV Zrt supervises the operation of roughly 7,000 kilometres of railway and the related necessary infrastructure.
MÁV Zrt. logo

FER Ferrovie Emilia Romagna S.r.l.

FER company manages 364 km regional railway network serving the passenger and freight transport market with 52 stations and 68 passenger stops and 8 loading and unloading points for goods.
FER Ferrovie Emilia Romagna S.r.l. logo


Founded in 2004, the company diversified the services offered in the sector and went on with an ambitious project, characterized by passion and innovation.

SNCF Réseau

SNCF Réseau offers rail-based solutions to meet all its existing and future customers' train operating needs. SNCF Réseau can offer you a complete range of services in the rail infrastructure.
SNCF Réseau logo


Banedanmark is a governmental body under the Ministry of Transport. We keep the trains on track 24 hours a day, all year round.
Banedanmark logo


We are the driving force behind sustainable mobility, working 24/7 on a safe and efficient rail network. We build, own, maintain and upgrade the Belgian railway network, makes its capacity available.
INFRABEL nv logo

DB Netz AG

DB Netz AG is the railway infrastructure manager of Deutsche Bahn AG. With around 46,000 employees, it is responsible for the approximately 33,400 kilometre long rail network.
DB Netz AG logo

AŽD Praha s.r.o

AŽD Praha is a major Czech supplier and manufacturer of security, telecommunications, information and automation technology, focusing on rail transport, including telematics and other technologies.
AŽD Praha s.r.o logo

KSW Kreisbahn Siegen-Wittgenstein GmbH

With 50 employees, 4 of whom are trainees, we offer our customers a wide range of tailor-made services in rail freight transport.
KSW Kreisbahn Siegen-Wittgenstein GmbH logo

Augsburger Localbahn GmbH

We see ourselves as a partner to regional industrial and service companies. In all activities, high reliability, flexibility and speed in carrying out the transport are of decisive importance.
Augsburger Localbahn GmbH logo

evb Logistik GmbH

Regardless of whether it is always in the same relation or in changing connections: evb Logistik transports your goods for you - not only within Germany.
evb Logistik GmbH logo

Captrain Deutschland GmbH

Whether it's international traction, industrial railway operations or transport concepts tailored to your individual processes, we are your partner for innovative, customised and efficient solutions.
Captrain Deutschland GmbH logo

Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn GmbH

In addition to freight transport, we offer our customers high-quality workshop services. We are also your contact for the rental of locomotives.
Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn GmbH logo

BEHALA – Berliner Hafen- und Lagerhausgesellschaft mbH

BEHALA is the operator of the trimodal freight hub located right in the heart of Berlin – WE ARE PORTS!
BEHALA – Berliner Hafen- und Lagerhausgesellschaft mbH logo

ENON Gesellschaft mbH & CoKG

ENON GmbH & Co.KG is a company with a focus on the railway business. Among other things, it has experience in the maintenance and repair of rail vehicles and rent of locomotives and wagons.
ENON Gesellschaft mbH & CoKG logo

PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa sp. z o.o.

PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa sp. z o.o. is a company in the PKP Group responsible for the Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line, running for 394km from the Ukrainian border in Izow-Hrubieszów to Sławków Pd.
PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa sp. z o.o. logo