Seven KISSes for Bulgaria: Stadler will deliver double deck trains

Seven KISSes for Bulgaria: Stadler will deliver double deck trains
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This acquisition is part of the efforts to utilize funds from the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and Communications announced today that a contractor has been chosen for the supply of seven double-decker electric trains, a move aimed at expanding the national rail fleet.

The selection process began in mid-February, with the tendering process concluding at the end of March, when bids from competing companies were reviewed. Stadler Polska emerged as the chosen contractor after its bid was found to meet all the criteria set by the ministry. The agreed upon price for the supply of these trains is lamost EUR 154 million, with an expected delivery timeline of 26 months from the signing of the contract, which is to be finalized according to regulatory deadlines.

Additionally, the ministry disclosed that negotiations with the Spanish Talgo concerning the procurement of 20 push-pull trains are scheduled to commence shortly. Concurrently, the process to acquire 35 diesel multiple units has been reinitiated, with the submission deadline for this tender set for April 11, 2024.

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