Talgo trains for Bulgaria: Intercity BG

Talgo trains for Bulgaria: Intercity BG
© Talgo

Talgo has unveiled its bid for 20 new trains aimed at participating in Bulgaria's passenger rail transport modernization program.

Named Intercity BG, these Talgo trains are designed and manufactured in the European Union, aligning with the technological standards previously adopted by Germany's Deutsche Bahn (DB) and Denmark's Danske Statsbaner (DSB) for cross-border services and operation in up to four European countries.

The Intercity BG trains offer approximately 390 seats each, designed with a focus on high passenger comfort standards, including spacious carriages and superior accessibility. These features are intended to support passengers with limited mobility and streamline the boarding and alighting process. The maximum speed of these trains is 200 km/h.

With a lightweight structure, the Intercity BG improves the weight-to-power ratio, potentially reducing energy consumption and improving acceleration and braking times. This aspect is particularly pertinent given the characteristics of the Bulgarian rail network, which includes a high percentage of single-track sections and numerous crossings, presenting challenges for maintaining train schedules.

The train configuration includes a single conventional locomotive for traction, passenger carriages, and a cab-car at the opposite end, eliminating the need for a locomotive for maneuvering operations. This setup is part of the Talgo 230 platform, making the Intercity BG trains fully interoperable within the EU and suitable for service on the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) corridors in Bulgaria and potentially in neighboring countries. Similar units are expected to be operational soon in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Furthermore, the Intercity BG trains can be equipped with Talgo's intelligent maintenance solutions, with remote control technologies and artificial intelligence to enhance maintenance operations. This system, already in use in the Haramain railway project in Saudi Arabia, reduces total lifecycle costs and maintenance downtime.

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