Nexrail expands its fleet with two Alstom Prima H3 locomotives

Nexrail expands its fleet with two Alstom Prima H3 locomotives
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The locomotives, which are two years old, will be leased to Hamburger Rail Service (HRS) for port shunting services in Hamburg.

The decision to include the Prima H3 in Nexrail's offerings aligns with the company's objective to provide alternatives for non-electrified sections of the rail network, which are currently dependent on diesel power.

The Alstom Prima H3 is equipped with a 340 kW Stage 5 diesel engine and a 360-kW battery, allowing for a peak power output of 550 kW and a tractive effort of 240 kN. Its design, including a relatively short length of 12.8m and an innovative articulating middle axle, enables it to navigate curves with a radius of only 60m and reach a top speed of 100 km/h. This makes the locomotive versatile for various shunting and light feeding operations.

Additionally, the locomotives' operation in Hamburg for HRS benefits from reduced infrastructure fees due to their hybrid nature. The introduction of these locomotives is seen as a step toward reducing diesel consumption and carbon emissions, with Nexrail citing a 50% reduction in diesel use for the Prima H3 in specific applications.

The acquisition also initiates a partnership between Alstom and Nexrail, with both companies expressing anticipation for future collaboration. This move reflects Nexrail's strategy to diversify its fleet with more sustainable options and Alstom's commitment to supporting its customers with innovative rail solutions.

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