Kenya boosts rail freight capacity with 430 new wagons from China

Kenya boosts rail freight capacity with 430 new wagons from China
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The delivery includes wagons for both the Standard Gauge Railway and Meter Gauge Railway lines, promising to improve cargo evacuation from the Port of Mombasa and reduce road congestion.

Kenya has welcomed an additional 430 wagons from China. This new batch is part of a strategic move to boost the efficiency and capacity of the country's railway network. The wagons are divided into two groups: 230 for the Chinese-built Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line and 200 for the Meter Gauge Railway (MGR) line.

Mohamed Daghar, the Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Roads and Transport, highlighted the importance of these wagons in improving the evacuation of cargo from the Port of Mombasa. He emphasized that this acquisition is crucial for reducing road congestion and supporting Kenya's rapidly growing economy by making strategic enhancements in the transport and logistics sector.

With each wagon boasting a capacity of 70 tonnes or more, the new additions are set to facilitate the movement of heavy containerized cargo more efficiently, thereby minimizing damage to the roads. This upgrade is expected to significantly impact the logistics chain, from the Port of Mombasa to inland destinations, improving overall cargo movement within the region.

The arrival of the new wagons follows a previous batch of 50 wagons from China in February, specifically for the SGR freight service. Recent data from the Ministry of Roads and Transport shows a notable increase in freight traffic on Kenya's rail network, with a 21% increase on the MGR line and a 7% increase on the SGR line by 2023. Passenger numbers have also increased by 12%, reflecting the growing reliance on and efficiency of Kenya's railway system for both freight and passenger transport.

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