Hannibal increases rail logistics between Melzo and Rotterdam

Hannibal increases rail logistics between Melzo and Rotterdam
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From 5 February, the increase from three to five daily departures demonstrates Hannibal's commitment to environmentally friendly transport solutions with improved efficiency and capacity.

Hannibal, a multimodal transport operator within the Contship Group, is expanding its rail network. From 5 February, the company will increase its rotations between the Rail Hub Milano terminal in Melzo and the Botlek terminal in the port of Rotterdam from three to five daily departures. The successful implementation of this enhanced service is supported by Hannibal's partnership with SBB Cargo International. This expansion underlines Hannibal's commitment to strengthening rail-based logistics solutions and highlights its commitment to environmental sustainability. 

The upgrade in service frequency leads to 15 weekly rotations, offering improved logistics capabilities. The strategic location of the Botlek terminal plays a key role, facilitating daily ship connections with CLDN's Ro.Ro. services to the UK. This increase in service frequency is not just a logistical improvement, but a strategic move in response to the growing demand for efficient and sustainable transport solutions.

Hannibal's new timetable boasts the highest density of trains on the route, catering for both craneable and non-craneable semi-trailers. This versatile service can accommodate semi-trailers, P400s, tanks, silos, and 40' and 45' containers, demonstrating Hannibal's ability to meet a wide range of freight requirements. Andrea Spagnuolo, Business Development Manager at Hannibal, emphasizes the company's active commitment to strengthening services along this crucial axis for European logistics.

“We firmly believe that modal shifting can contribute significantly to environmental sustainability. This development reflects our commitment to providing increasingly advanced and 'green' transport solutions. For example, for every unit transported on this route we reduce the CO2 footprint by 50% on average,” said Marzia Cicchetti, Global Account Manager of the Contship Group.

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