Shorter, lighter: GATX introduces new Faccns wagons

Shorter, lighter: GATX introduces new Faccns wagons
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With over 400 Faccns wagons in the fleet of GATX, the wagons leasing company now offer an improved version of this wagon for construction materials, such as crushed stones, gravel or limestone.

One of the key players in freight wagon leasing in the world, GATX, is about to get new additions to its 28,000+ fleet. At the end of July, new, lime-coloured Faccns hopper cars for the transportation of non-moisture-sensitive bulk materials with a grain size of at least 4 mm will join the fleet and will be available on the market.

Compared to the existing 400 Faccns wagons in the GATX fleet, these wagons have one tonne lighter tare weight (20.5 t) and are 1.1 m shorter (11.58 m long). With a 48 m3 box capacity, they have no operation limitation within the GI profile and they are equipped with the CFCB compact brake system.

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