Italy: Alessandria Smistamento to become an intermodal logistics hub

Italy: Alessandria Smistamento to become an intermodal logistics hub

The project aims to regenerate the Alessandria Smistamento area to be used as a new intermodal hub that will contribute to the development of the surrounding towns and intermodal transport.

In Italy, a protocol for the development of a master plan for the Alessandria intermodal hub and a project for the technical and economic feasibility of a new terminal, which provides for the development and evaluation of the areas included in the Alessandria Smistamento terminal, was signed this week by the various companies of the FS Group and the competent local authorities. The aim of the protocol presented by FS Group in Alessandria is, in particular, to find effective solutions to strengthen freight transport in the ports of Savona and Genoa and to regenerate the surrounding areas, which have great potential for urban development and intermodal transport.

"The construction of the freight terminal allows us to concentrate our vision of the city, which starts first of all with an efficient connection between the eastern part of Alessandria and the western part, involving and offering services to the citizens who live south of the city and the province," said Giorgio Abonante, Mayor of Alessandria.

The entire project will be carried out in two phases lasting a total of 36 months. The first will end in December 2023, when Rete Ferroviaria Italiana will present the technical and economic feasibility project for the innovative terminal, which will define the costs and timing of future interventions. Subsequently, by December 2024, a master plan will be defined for the construction of an efficient, comfortable, and high-quality interchange capable of managing the different transport flows in a coordinated and integrated manner.

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