ČD Cargo still dominates the Czech rail freight transport market

ČD Cargo still dominates the Czech rail freight transport market

Last year, ČD Cargo's market share reached 58.43 %.

As shown by data from Správa železnic, the Czech state provider of the national and regional railway infrastructure, the biggest Czech rail freight company reached almost 20.6 billion gross ton-km. The second is METRANS rail company with a 9.43 % market share (3.3 billion GTK) and in the third position is PKP Cargo International with 5.47 % of the market share (1.9 billion GTK).

CER Slovakia a.s. (11th place in 2021) and RM Lines (13th place in 2021) entered the top ten compared to the 2021 ranking. LOKORAIL a.s. also improved by one place and managed to increase its performance by almost half.

Company gross ton-km
ČD Cargo, a.s. 20 568 498 274
METRANS Rail s.r.o. 3 321 089 488
PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL, a.s. 1 925 921 964
Rail Cargo Carrier - CR s.r.o. 1 399 258 986
ORLEN Unipetrol Doprava s.r.o. 1 387 251 505
LOKORAIL, a.s. 1 009 101 668
IDS CARGO a.s. 986 151 286
DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o. 689 423 290
RM LINES, a.s. 455 147 972
CER Slovakia, a.s. 409 546 016

The situation on the rail freight has recently commented CEO of ČD Cargo Tomáš Tóth:

"We have had another very challenging period in which we have passed with honor, but unfortunately the more difficult one is still ahead of us. We are looking forward with some nervousness to 2023, which, in light of further dramatic growth in cost inputs, could be a major turning point for the entire rail freight segment, and not only for it. We are also very seriously concerned about the first signs of cooling demand from steelmakers, which we see as another indicator of a decline in the performance of the entire economy, not only in the Czech Republic but at least in the European region. Despite all negative factors, we want to play a key role in the rail freight transport market in the future and we are ready to continue our cooperation with all our customers and suppliers and overcome this difficult period together," gave his view to the future Tomáš Tóth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo, a.s.

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