Rail Baltica project drives LTG Cargo's strategic growth

Rail Baltica project drives LTG Cargo's strategic growth
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Evelina Maleckiene, Head of Intermodal Sales at LTG Cargo, outlined the company's forward-looking strategies during her presentation at the 51st IBS Congress in Helsinki.

Rail Baltica aims to connect the Baltic States with the rest of Europe through a fully electrified rail line, improving the region's economic, environmental and security position.

Progress and impact of Rail Baltica

Currently, more than 100 kilometres of Rail Baltica's main line are scheduled to be built across the Baltics by 2024. With €4.7 billion in supplier contracts already signed, the project promises significant geostrategic, military and environmental benefits. The economic benefits of the project are estimated at between EUR 16.5 and 22.5 billion, underlining its potential to transform transport corridors throughout the region.

LTG Cargo's strategic initiatives

In line with the expansion driven by Rail Baltica, LTG Cargo is diversifying its operations to mitigate geopolitical risks and broaden its market reach. This includes enhancing its intermodal services linking key cities such as Kaunas, Vilnius and Klaipeda with international hubs such as Duisburg and Sławków, promoting greener and more efficient freight transport.

Innovation also plays a role in LTG Cargo's strategy. The company has implemented advanced technologies such as speech-to-text for business analysis and data-driven demand forecasting, which streamline operations and support sustainable practices. These efforts contributed to a reduction of 66.500 tonnes of CO2 last year, the equivalent of planting 3.325 hectares of new forest.

Looking ahead

As the Rail Baltica project progresses, LTG Cargo plans to expand its intermodal services and improve its logistics solutions. This should strengthen its role in European rail freight, supporting sustainable growth in the region.

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