EGP and LKW WALTER launch a new intermodal service in Germany

EGP and LKW WALTER launch a new intermodal service in Germany

EGP is deploying a Vectron Dual Mode locomotive for this service.

Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam mbH (EGP) and LKW WALTER have jointly launched a new rail service aimed at providing a new intermodal connection in Germany. This collaboration between EGP and the transportation company LKW WALTER introduces a rail solution operating three times a week, connecting Wanne-Eickel and Lübeck-Skandinavienkai. The service began on April 10, 2024.

The new train route involves the transportation of trailers between the terminals of Container Terminal Herne (CTH) and Baltic Rail Gate Lübeck (BRG), with each train carrying up to 40 trailers on 20 freight wagons in each direction. The service is expected to handle approximately 11,500 trailers annually.

A distinctive feature of this service is the use of a Vectron Dual Mode locomotive, which operates in both electric mode for mainline movements and diesel mode for shunting operations. This dual functionality aims to optimize operational efficiency.

EGP, established in 2005, has been active in the logistics and transport sector, particularly in freight transport. The company operates a fleet of 51 diesel and electric locomotives, positioning itself as a provider of efficient and environmentally conscious transport solutions.

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