Helsinki to Host 51st IBS Congress on Rail Freight Innovation

Helsinki to Host 51st IBS Congress on Rail Freight Innovation

The 51st Congress of the International Rail Freight Business Association (IBS) is set for April 11-12, in Helsinki, focusing on enhancing multimodal freight transport.

Event Overview

This gathering aims to address critical aspects of rail freight, including the integration of single wagon transports into multimodal freight transport, the role of rail capacity brokers, and the importance of multifunctional terminals. Special attention will be given to strengthening rail freight with Finland, establishing new ferry connections for rail wagons in the Baltic Sea, and improving connections from the Baltic states to broader Europe.

IBS Initiatives and Challenges

The current rail freight offerings are insufficient for planned shifts from road to rail due to a lack of alternatives for subsidized single wagon traffic and limited network capabilities of private/regional rail operators. Addressing these challenges, the IBS advocates for the development of multimodal freight transport as a competitive alternative against road and inland shipping. A major focus is on creating efficient consolidation concepts for individual loads and enhancing the product option for multimodal cargo transport.

To tackle these issues, the IBS proposes operational and commercial measures, including taking control of operations by large rail operators, developing a conceptual international multimodal network, and implementing dynamic pricing models. These measures aim to foster a competitive and sustainable rail freight sector capable of contributing significantly to the EU's environmental goals.

IBS Strategic Vision

By focusing on multimodal solutions and enhancing infrastructure and operational capabilities, the IBS seeks to ensure rail freight's pivotal role in achieving a more sustainable and efficient European transport system.

The Helsinki congress will serve as a platform for stakeholders to discuss these initiatives, share insights, and collaborate on advancing rail freight and multimodal transport across Europe.

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