DB Cargo expands its Full Load Solutions intermodal services

DB Cargo expands its Full Load Solutions intermodal services
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The service targets companies without direct rail access by providing an alternative that combines the flexibility of road transport with the benefits of rail, such as lower carbon emissions and reduced road congestion.

DB Cargo Full Load Solutions (FLS) has introduced new trade lanes in 2023, improving connections between Nuremberg and Hamburg, as well as international routes linking Sweden with Italy, Germany with Italy, and the Netherlands with Italy. These developments aim to shift more traffic to rail, known for its lower environmental impact.

The service provides a flexible, efficient solution for companies looking to transport goods along these routes while reducing their carbon footprint. The trade lanes are designed for both directions, offering flexibility for shippers and recipients to maintain their existing loading and unloading processes. In cases where train capacity is full, DB Cargo FLS offers a versatile door-to-door solution via road transport.

© DB Cargo
© DB Cargo

One of the companies utilizing this service, H. von Gimborn GmbH, uses the Nuremberg to Hamburg trade lane for transporting cat litter within Germany. This intermodal transport allows for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and enables a higher loading capacity, showcasing the practical benefits of combining road and rail for freight transport.

Intermodal transport involves using several modes of transport within the same supply chain without the need to unload and reload goods. Goods are transported in the same loading unit, typically a craneable trailer or container, from start to finish. This method is known for significantly reducing emissions by up to 80% compared to traditional road transport alone, thus contributing to environmental conservation and alleviating the strain on busy roads.

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