Be Modal introduces rail tanker transport on the Rennes-Lille line

Be Modal introduces rail tanker transport on the Rennes-Lille line

Using the advanced Vega platform and VTG T3000 pocket wagons, this initiative opens up new possibilities for transporting liquid goods, from foodstuffs to hydrocarbons, with a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Be Modal, the operator of the Rennes-Lille rail service has announced that it will extend its offer to include the transport of conventional tankers from April 2024. This initiative is a major step towards diversifying the types of freight that can be transported by rail, extending the range to liquid products from food to hydrocarbons.

A successful trial was carried out on Wednesday 7 February 2024 with the first loading of conventional tanks onto the train. The operation was carried out overnight and the train reached the ports of Lille the following morning, demonstrating the efficiency and reliability of this new service.

The integration of conventional tankers into Be Modal's service portfolio is made possible by the use of advanced transport technology, including the Vega platform with R2L technology and VTG T3000 pocket wagons. These innovations enable the seamless and efficient loading of tankers onto trains, a process that takes approximately 3.5 minutes per tanker.

Currently, Be Modal facilitates the transport of various Intermodal Transport Units (ITUs) such as van swap bodies, tautliner swap bodies, and refrigerated swap bodies. The addition of 3.50-metre gauges non-objectionable tankers complements the existing range, offering greater flexibility and capacity for liquid cargo.

The expansion not only enhances Be Modal's logistical capabilities but is also in line with environmental objectives. It is expected to make a significant contribution to reducing road congestion and noise pollution while facilitating the transport of tankers to Northern Europe.

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