Connecting Europe: ÖBB RCG's new Linz-Duisburg-Rotterdam rail service

Connecting Europe: ÖBB RCG's new Linz-Duisburg-Rotterdam rail service
© Port of Rotterdam/Eric Bakker

The new route, with four weekly return trips, represents a significant step forward in sustainable, efficient transport, reducing road congestion and emissions while promoting seamless intermodal freight transport across Europe.

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has announced the optimization of its TransFER network with the introduction of a direct connection between Linz, Duisburg and Rotterdam. This development strengthens the transport routes between Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, tapping into one of the world's largest seaports, Rotterdam.

Rotterdam, a major deep-sea port in Europe and a key logistics hub, plays an important role in rail freight transport. The port facilitates the transhipment of goods by rail, ship and truck, making it an important intermodal transport hub not only within Europe but also for international freight transport.

The new TransFER Linz-Duisburg-Rotterdam service offers four round trips per week, providing a high-frequency connection to the maritime flow of goods. Clemens Först, CEO of RCG, emphasizes the versatility of TransFER, which can carry various types of cargo, including containers, swap bodies and, soon, cranable trailers. This service will increase the efficiency of freight transport to Western and Central Europe.

TransFER enables seamless transhipment within Rotterdam to all maritime and continental terminals, as far as Antwerp and Zeebrugge. „As port authority we strive for sustainable, safe and efficient hinterland connections. Therefore, this new connection provides much more than just an additional rail service. Next to more flexibility and better connectivity for our customers, it also means fewer traffic on the motorways and thus less emissions and less risk of traffic jams and accidents,” emphasized Matthijs van Doorn, Vice President Commercial at the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

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