Record freight value for China-Europe freight trains in Jiangsu last year

Record freight value for China-Europe freight trains in Jiangsu last year
© Wang Jianmin/Xinhua

The increase in freight value was 3.6% over the previous year, reflecting the growing capacity of the province's rail infrastructure.

Jiangsu Province, a region in eastern China, has reported a significant increase in freight value for its China-Europe freight train service in 2023. According to Nanjing Customs, the total freight value reached approximately US$4.27 billion, an increase of 8.3 percent over the previous year.

This growth reflects the expanding scope of the China-Europe train service, an important part of China's Belt and Road Initiative. Shou Ting, head of the customs department at Suzhou Datian International Freight Transport Agency Co., Ltd, said that in 2023 they provided services to more than 500 manufacturing companies. These services included transporting a wide range of goods on the China-Europe freight trains, including nearly ten categories such as home appliances and electronic products.

On January 1st, a train loaded with refrigerators and washing machines departed from the Jiangsu (Suzhou) International Railway Logistics Center, embarking on a 12-day journey to Kazakhstan. This service exemplifies the province's role in facilitating international trade, especially with countries along the Belt and Road route. To further illustrate the trade activity, a batch of polypropylene plastic particles arrived in Nanjing's comprehensive bonded zone from Kazakhstan. These goods were then stored and sold within the bonded zone.

Kang Zheng, deputy director of the Jiangbei office of Jinling Customs, highlighted the benefits for foreign companies using the Jiangsu freight service. These benefits include simultaneous transport, storage, and sale of goods while in transit to the bonded zone, providing a streamlined process for international trade.

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