Train hotel over the river entering the safari

Train hotel over the river entering the safari
© Kruger Shalati

A luxury train accommodation at this site has a rich history dating back to the 19th century.

It was first mentioned in 1894 when a temporary wooden bridge was built over the Sabie River. However, seven years later the wooden bridge was washed away in a great flood. As a result, the permanent bridge was constructed there and opened to railway traffic in 1910. In 1973 the rail traffic on this line was finally stopped and five years later the train restaurant was opened to the public.

In 2016 the idea was born to restore the bridge to its former glory. The hotel was created after purchasing decommissioned carriages and refurbishing them using modern technology.

Today Kruger Shalati offers two types of accommodation: 24 Carriage Suites in the train on the bridge and 7 Bridge House Suites next to the bridge in a picturesque garden setting with the soft glow of the train as a backdrop.

The viewing area is particularly popular for wildlife viewing along the Sabie River. If you are lucky, you can see all of Africa's Big Five: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo.

© Kruger Shalati
© Kruger Shalati
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