Germany: Strike to end sooner

Germany: Strike to end sooner
© Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang

DB and GDL union resume negotiations. As a result, the strike will end for freight trains at 6pm tonight and for personnel at 2am tomorrow.

Both parties have agreed to negotiate privately over the next five weeks. The negotiations will be conducted by the parties themselves. If either side indicates a need, two facilitators will be called in immediately to provide support. Truce has been agreed until at least 3 March, i.e. there will be no strikes until then. The declared aim of both sides is to reach a collective agreement within this period. An extension is possible.

Other agreements:
  • Inflation compensation bonus: €1.500 will be paid in advance in March.
  • Salary: Willingness to agree on fixed amounts.
  • Working hours: Willingness to negotiate models to reduce working hours within the group of shift workers.
  • Collective bargaining for network operations at DB InfraGO: No agreement, further discussion required in negotiations.

The passenger strike ends early on Monday at 2am. The strike call for rail freight ends on Sunday evening at 6pm. This will help to relieve the congestion of freight trains in marshalling yards during the night. This will allow industrial and commercial customers to be served a day earlier. However, experience shows that it takes several days before regular freight traffic can be resumed.

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