Bénédicte Colin to transform VIIA and Naviland Cargo as President

Bénédicte Colin to transform VIIA and Naviland Cargo as President
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Her appointment marks a pivotal moment that is expected to drive significant progress in sustainable rail logistics and strengthen the companies' positions in the industry.

Rail Logistics Europe has announced a significant change in leadership with the appointment of Bénédicte Colin as the new President of VIIA and Naviland Cargo. Colin, known for her extensive and varied experience in the rail sector, takes over from Charles Puech d'Alissac. This move, which will take its effect from 1 April, marks a new chapter for these two key companies within the RLE Group.

Colin brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having previously worked for the SNCF Group and Keolis in Australia, as well as in the infrastructure sector. Her diverse background includes strong international, financial, legal, and senior management skills, making her a strategic choice to lead VIIA and Naviland Cargo.

Under Colin's leadership, VIIA and Naviland Cargo are expected to continue on their path of growth and innovation. With her at the helm, the companies are poised to enhance their contributions to the rail logistics sector, focusing on sustainable and efficient transport solutions. Her leadership style, combined with her diverse experience, is expected to bring fresh perspectives and strategies to the forefront, further cementing the companies' positions as pioneers in the rail logistics industry.

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