Germany: 20-hour strike of train drivers, DB expects severe impact

Germany: 20-hour strike of train drivers, DB expects severe impact
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The strike, which began at 10 pm on Wednesday, has severely disrupted operations across DB, affecting drivers, conductors, workshop staff, and dispatchers in several companies.

Germany's train drivers' union, GDL, has declared a 20-hour warning strike amid ongoing wage negotiations, disrupting rail services. The strike, which began at 22:00 on Wednesday, will affect train drivers, conductors, and various railway staff, which makes DB expect significant operational problems. According to current information, the strike will last until 6 pm on Thursday, 16th November 2023.

The head of the GDL, Claus Weselsky, said the strike was motivated by the workers' justified dissatisfaction and emphasized the union's demands for fair pay. But DB's human resources director Martin Seiler criticized the move, saying it was unnecessary and detrimental to rail travelers.

"This is an imposition for rail travelers. This strike is completely unnecessary. We have negotiations on the calendar for Thursday and Friday, which we agreed on. The train drivers' union is ignoring agreements and acting irresponsibly,” said Martin Seiler,

This strike comes amid intensified talks between GDL and DB, with both parties at loggerheads over key demands, causing disruption to rail travelers in Germany and potentially affecting cross-border services, particularly to the Czech Republic.

DB has offered an 11% pay rise and an additional inflation-linked bonus of up to €2,850. GDL is demanding a pay rise of €555 per month and a one-off payment of €3,000 to compensate for inflation. The union also demands a reduction in working hours without a pay cut, further complicating the negotiations.

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