Rail Cargo Group

With 5,887 employees, subsidiaries throughout Europe and an annual turnover of 1.9 billion euros, the Rail Cargo Group ranks among Europe's leading rail logistics companies.

Rail Cargo Group
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    Forwarding & Logistics
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    5000 - 29999
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    +43 5 1778
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    • Am Hauptbahnhof 2
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The Rail Cargo Group is one of the leading rail logistics companies in Europe, offering comprehensive, punctual end-to-end solutions for every logistics requirement - in 18 countries including 13 countries with their own freight railways. We connect European metropolitan areas and ports with thriving economic centres across Europe and beyond into Asia. Rail Cargo Group: ÖBB freight traffic.

Our services:

Wagonloads & logistics

Individual end-to-end logistics for industrial products from A to Z with single wagons as well as customized block trains.

Intermodal logistics

High-frequency TransFER connections for intermodal loading units transporting all kinds of goods between urban centres, industry regions and ports.

Multimodal logistics

Optimal combinations of the advantages of different transport modes by linking the railway system with land transport and sea or air freight - from the first mile to the last.

Rolling Road

Entire trucks and articulated trucks cover part of their journeys via the rolling road (ROLA).

Railway undertakings - Carrier

Significant market advantage for our customers thanks to our own traction services in 13 countries.

Wagon rental/sale

Our new wagon material is setting new standards in rail logistics. Bundled wagon management delivers precise logistics solutions.


Proactive maintenance concepts guarantee maximal functionality and vehicle availability.


Our network of TransFER connections, combinations and individual routes from Europe all the way to Asia.

Rail Cargo Group

Our employees combine expertise with passion in implementing future-oriented, punctual logistics solutions. From a single source. For block trains, wagonload freight and intermodal transport. We carry about 88 million tonnes of goods to their destination every year. By environmentally friendly means. Reliably. Flexibly and quickly.

Available wagon series:

  • Open wagons: E and F-type wagons
  • Covered wagons: G, H and T-type wagons
  • Flat wagons: K, L, R and S-type wagons
  • InnoWaggon: Sggrrs, Sgns
  • Special wagons: Shimmns, Slmmpss, Slps
  • Container wagons: L and S-type wagons
  • Low floor wagons: Saadkms, Sdmmrs
  • Powder / Tank wagons: Uacs, Ucns,Ucs

Freight wagons

45 m.

Train km/year



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  • Am Hauptbahnhof 2
  • 1100 Vienna
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