Vossloh: progress in the project for data-based switch monitoring in Sweden

Vossloh: progress in the project for data-based switch monitoring in Sweden
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Monitoring the condition of switches is intended to prevent unplanned downtime due to faults, increase the efficiency of maintenance work and significantly boost the availability of track.

Vossloh has made significant progress in the implementation of a multi-year trend contract for data-based condition monitoring of switches in Sweden. The contract, awarded by Trafikverket two years ago, covers a total of 1,000 switches in Sweden.

Now Vossloh has reached an important technological milestone that will enable Trafikvertet to permanently monitor their railway switches and avoid unpredictable shutdowns. Performance validation of sensors, gateways, cloud applications, and algorithms has been successfully completed. Validation was performed on data from more than 4,000 train passes to test the reliability of the solution and the accuracy of the algorithms in real-world conditions.

“The great progress we have made in the project is based on our unique understanding of the rail track as an entire system combined with our steadily growing digital expertise. This will enable us to add further increased value to our customers,” said Oliver Schuster, CEO of Vossloh AG.

The development phase of the project was successfully carried out jointly with DB Systemtechnik GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG, and a range of partners including Sensorfy. The rollout will start in January 2023.

“We will now focus on the operational phase to roll out our highly reliable solution. In parallel, we will work to continuously add further functionality to the application in order to support Trafikverket in the best possible way,” added Pierre-Henri Bougeant, Head of Digitalization of Vossloh AG.

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