Peter Reinshagen: Smart assets help us to improve our operations

Peter Reinshagen: Smart assets help us to improve our operations
Ctirad Klimanek, managing partner, Peter Reinshagen, Managing Director of Ermewa SA and Cyrille Guyon, regional general manager

Managing Director of Ermewa SA and his point of view about SMART ASSETS.

Popular RAILTALKS talkshow held in Berlin came up with an important topic for railway industry -  SMART ASSETS, where top managers and experts from the field took part and discussed their point of view. asked a well-known personality in the wagon rental business, Mr. Peter Reinshagen, Managing Director of Ermewa SA- what it means exactly for him a SMART ASSET. He declared that for him and his company the smart asset simply means, that they always know where each wagon is, to know if the wagon is loaded or empty, how many kilometers it runs, and if this wagon has been running without braking or how much braking has been used.

"Why do we need to know all of this?", he continues.  "Because this is a requirement for ECM to identify the actual usage of the wagon and predict needed maintenance. This is really important for us as an ECM certified wagon keeper - to have smart assets that helps us to improve our operations," he added.

Peter Reinshagen has worked for Ermewa since 2016. For two years he ran Thales Geodis as a general manager and at GEFCO he spent more than 11 years.

Ermewa was founded in 1956 in Geneva in Switzerland, Ermewa SA is a European leader in railcars leasing (2nd player in freight railcars leasing in Europe, largest fleet in France). The company offers a fleet of 44,000 railcars and meets the needs and challenges of all industry sectors with a wide range of railcars. Its customers are industrial companies, railway undertakings, and freight forwarders in Europe.

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