Port of Antwerp adopts sustainable model for Single Wagon Load

Port of Antwerp adopts sustainable model for Single Wagon Load
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The new approach involves dividing the port into zones, optimizing operations, and bundling deliveries to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

From 1 January 2024, the Antwerp port area will significantly change its rail operations, particularly for the Single Wagon Load system. The new operating model, which will be neutral and accessible to all interested parties, is a major step forward in the port's rail vision and is expected to improve efficiency and service quality.

Efficiency and sustainability are at the forefront of this initiative, which aims to synchronize and consolidate wagon deliveries and collections within the port area. By implementing this strategy, longer trains can replace numerous shorter ones, significantly reducing costs and environmental impact.

“The project shows that together we can effectively change things by joining forces. Moreover, the project does not stop here.  Railport will continue to monitor quality, organize area meetings to increase efficiency, and take the necessary initiatives to accelerate the digitalization exercise that has already started. We look to the future with hope,” said Nils van Vliet, CEO Railport.

Railport's approach involves dividing the port into zones based on combined volumes and operational optimization, initiating a tender for the first and last mile within each zone. This initiative received endorsement from freight payers within these zones, empowering Railport to regulate first and last-mile traffic more inclusively and transparently.

The model aims to unify fragmented operations and offer clearer visibility to both rail operators and freight payers. This collaboration allows participating freight payers to negotiate with selected railway operators, ensuring services are accessible and neutral to all interested parties.

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