FCH2RAIL project: Hydrogen train successfully tests Torralba-Soria line

FCH2RAIL project: Hydrogen train successfully tests Torralba-Soria line
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This international collaborative project combines the efficiency of fuel cells with battery storage, promising a cleaner, more efficient future for rail travel in Spain and Europe.

In a major step towards sustainable rail transport, the FCH2RAIL project's hydrogen-powered demonstrator train has begun testing on the Torralba-Soria line. Following successful trials on the Zaragoza-Canfranc line, the project marks a crucial stage in the introduction of cleaner and greener mobility solutions.

Launched in May on the General Interest Railway Network (RFIG), the collaborative prototype train demonstrates the potential of hydrogen technology. Adif, as an infrastructure manager, has facilitated the tests on the Spanish rail infrastructure, Renfe Operadora has provided the train and drivers, and CAF has led the conversion of the CIVIA 463 demonstrator train.

The new solution integrates the efficiency of fuel cells with battery storage, allowing the train to run on catenary on electrified sections. This not only increases energy efficiency and autonomy, but also ensures a zero-emission product with competitive operating performance compared to traditional diesel propulsion systems.

The international collaboration includes partners such as the German Aerospace Institute (DLR), Toyota, the National Hydrogen Centre (CNH2), Infraestructuras de Portugal (IP), and Stemmann Technik (STT). The project aims to evaluate the bi-mode fuel cell hybrid train's performance on the Soria line, simulating various commercial services and extending its capabilities under different power and energy demand conditions.

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