RBP expands its fleet with RAILPOOL's hybrid locomotives

RBP expands its fleet with RAILPOOL's hybrid locomotives
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The collaboration, which includes both battery-diesel-diesel and pantograph-diesel-diesel variants, aims to increase flexibility and environmental sustainability.

RBP has teamed up with RAILPOOL to introduce a fleet of advanced hybrid shunting locomotives. This partnership, sealed on 26 March 2024, includes one of the first full-service leasing contracts for five state-of-the-art Modula hybrid locomotives, marking a significant shift towards flexible and sustainable rail operations.

The agreement outlines the delivery of both battery-diesel-diesel (BDD) and pantograph-diesel-diesel (EDD) versions of the Modula locomotives to RBP's fleet from the third quarter of 2026 through mid-2027. These locomotives have been praised for their cutting-edge technology, with flexible power sources, energy recovery systems and improved ergonomics for drivers. With the ability to run on catenary power, the EDD variant significantly reduces CO2 emissions and saves energy, contributing to RBP's sustainability goals. The locomotives are also equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS) and radio remote control, ensuring high standards of safety and control.

Thomas Schön, Managing Director and shareholder of RBP, emphasized the locomotives' capacity to streamline rail operations by eliminating the need for different traction options between transport segments: “This simplifies rail operations and significantly increases reliability, as risky interfaces between different providers can be avoided. This requires locomotives that can handle the first and last mile as well as line operation.”

Volkmar Günther, Head of Sales at RAILPOOL, noted the Modula platform's potential to enhance operational reliability and reduce CO2 emissions, further establishing rail as a sustainable mode of transport. “We are convinced that these modern locomotives will further strengthen rail as a mode of transport and make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. We will also set higher standards in full service for shunting locomotives,” he added.

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