Wabtec launches the next-gen Commander NXT

Wabtec launches the next-gen Commander NXT
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The Commander NXT introduces advanced features such as a slimmer frame for better navigation, improved rail wheel stability, and ShuttleLaunch technology.

Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) has introduced the Shuttlewagon Commander NXT, marking the launch of its latest generation of railcar movers. The introduction of the NXT series represents a leap forward in performance, reliability, and operational efficiency in railcar mobilization.

Raj Gupta, President and CEO of Wabtec's Maintenance of Way Division, highlighted the customer-focused design of the Commander NXT and heralded it as the future of railcar mobilization. “Packed with a narrower frame and an advanced rail wheel stability system, the NXT allows for efficient navigation of challenging rail, tunnels, and sharp curves, without compromising on power or performance. This capability helps our customers efficiently and reliably run their railyard operations,” commented Gupta.

Offering a range of dynamic models with tractive efforts from 26,000 lbs to an impressive 41,300 lbs, the NXT series caters to the varied operational needs across the railcar moving industry. The range introduces patented ShuttleLaunch technology, a breakthrough in increasing tractive effort, minimizing wheel slip, and prolonging tire life. This technology is a significant innovation that sets a new standard in the industry.

Each model in the NXT series is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as advanced joystick operation for precise maneuvering, a dual-rail wheel design for navigating tight turns, and a reliable AAR coupler coupled with a rubber tire drive system.

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