VPS partners with ELP to revolutionize rail freight with hybrid locomotives

VPS partners with ELP to revolutionize rail freight with hybrid locomotives
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The EuroDual, a hybrid model, offers flexibility and increased load capacity, setting a new standard in rail technology and marking a decisive step towards more efficient freight services.

European Loc Pool (ELP) has announced a landmark leasing agreement with Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter GmbH (VPS), marking a major step towards sustainable heavy rail freight. The collaboration introduces two EuroDual locomotives to the fleet of VPS, a subsidiary of the Salzgitter Group, and underscores a strategic move to increase efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of its logistics operations.

“The EuroDual offers a very good opportunity to improve the economic efficiency of our raw material transports for our customers while simultaneously reducing our CO2 footprint. These locomotives will be mainly used in heavy raw material transports from our Hansaport in the Port of Hamburg and from the Eastern Harz region to Salzgitter for the integrated steel mill,” said Johannes Dreier, Managing Director of VPS.

The introduction of the EuroDual demonstrates the commitment of both companies to pioneering environmentally friendly innovations in the rail freight sector. With its remarkable dual-mode operation, the EuroDual promises up to 40% higher load capacity than conventional models, representing a significant leap in rail freight capabilities. The EuroDual locomotive stands out for its operational versatility and environmental benefits and is already proving its worth in Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia. The ongoing approval processes in other European countries signal the growing presence of sustainable rail transport solutions, with VPS leading the way in the adoption of these advanced technologies.

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