ELP leases EuroDuals to FRACHTbahn

ELP leases EuroDuals to FRACHTbahn
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A long-term agreement includes two Stadler EuroDual locomotives.

European Loc Pool (ELP), a locomotive leasing provider, has signed a long-term full-service leasing contract with FRACHTbahn Traktion for two EuroDual locomotives. The agreement was announced in Frauenfeld, Switzerland on January 31, 2024. The handover of the two EuroDual locomotives to FRACHTbahn is scheduled for the end of 2024.

FRACHTbahn, based in Vienna, Austria, will use the EuroDual locomotives to expand into heavy goods transport and tackle complex topographical challenges. The locomotives' efficiency in first/last mile operations and their diesel traction capability for alternative routes are particularly valuable for construction projects in infrastructure.

The EuroDuals are set to operate on main lines from Austria's eastern borders to Germany, Switzerland, and France, and across the transalpine corridor to Slovenia and Italy. These routes are strategically important to FRACHTbahn, which plans to develop additional secondary routes in collaboration with its customers.

FRACHTbahn's future strategy emphasizes traction, sustainability, energy efficiency, and flexibility. The EuroDual locomotives support the company's goals of developing new business areas and operating them economically.

ELP focuses on six-axle hybrid locomotives from Stadler, including the EuroDual and Euro9000 models. The EuroDual offers a tractive effort of 500 kN and a performance of up to 2.8 MW in diesel and 6.2 MW in electric operation, with a 40% higher loading capacity. It is already operational in Germany, Austria, France, and Scandinavia, and recently received approval in Serbia, with Slovenia and Croatia expected to follow in early 2024.

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