Olavion calls-off for another 4 Newag Dragon locomotives

Olavion calls-off for another 4 Newag Dragon locomotives
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Olavion has announced its decision to expand its six-axle locomotive fleet.

The company, which is a part of the Unimot Group, will purchase four additional locomotives from Newag, which is a second call-off from a framework agreement for 20 locomotives from Newag. The total number of locomotives on order has increased to eight.

Olavion had previously ordered four locomotives from Newag in June 2023. The latest purchase decision was made under an option right from the contract signed last year. For this order, Olavion will be spending a total of over 17 million EUR.

The window for the opportunity to buy 12 more locomotives was extended until the end of 2025.

Henryk Gruca, President of the Management Board of Olavion, stated, "The decision to acquire another four locomotives is crucial for our long-term development strategy. Each new investment in our fleet is carefully analysed from an economic perspective to ensure maximum efficiency." Gruca further emphasized that the expansion of the fleet is a strategic move to broaden the range of transport services offered to clients beyond the Unimot Group and to cater to new contracts.

The first two locomotives from the second call-off, equipped with a diesel last-mile module, are expected to be delivered in mid-2025. The delivery of the remaining two locomotives is scheduled to occur in mid-2026.

Olavion is currently dominant in fuel transportation, eyeing the potential to grow its commodity mix to other segments of the rail freight industry.

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