Record-Breaking Locomotive Deal: Akiem orders Dragon locomotives from Newag

Record-Breaking Locomotive Deal: Akiem orders Dragon locomotives from Newag
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Akiem signed a contract with Newag for the delivery of 30 Dragon-2 electric locomotives, with an additional option for up to 50 more units.

This deal represents the largest order by value in the history of Newag. The order consists of  10 MS (PL/CZ/SK) and 20 DC (PL and border stations of CZ/SK) locomotives equipped with last-mile modules.

The purchase contract includes eight-year maintenance services, starting from the delivery of the 30 locomotives.

Newag's Dragon-2 locomotives are capable of hauling freight trains weighing up to 4,200 tonnes. The last mile power modules, conforming to Stage V emission standards and equipped with HVO-ready engines, enable the use of a single locomotive all the way to the sidings and terminals.

“Dragon-2 locomotives, maintained by Newag, will allow our central European customers to develop new rail freight services, with heavier trains running at higher speeds and delivering the highest reliability and safety standards. The 0.5 MW HVO-compatible, last-mile modules will accelerate the transition from diesel towards greener electric traction when operating on partially electrified routes. We are thrilled to begin this partnership with Newag and are excited to offer new possibilities to our customers in central Europe,” said Fabien Rochefort, CEO of Akiem.

The contract's total value, including maintenance services, is estimated at around half a billion euros.

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