Italy welcomes its first hydrogen train

Italy welcomes its first hydrogen train

The collaborative effort between FNM and Alstom introduces a zero direct CO2 emission train equipped with hydrogen fuel cells to revolutionize passenger rail transport.

FNM in collaboration with Alstom unveiled the hydrogen-powered Coradia Stream train, marking a historic milestone in Italy's passenger rail transport. It is Italy’s first zero direct CO2 emission train equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The train is scheduled to commence commercial operations in Valcamonica, forming part of Italy's first Hydrogen Valley project, between late 2024 and early 2025.

The hydrogen-powered Coradia Stream train operates using a power car, where hydrogen is combined with oxygen from the outside air, producing energy without emitting CO2. High-performance lithium-ion batteries store excess energy, supporting acceleration and ensuring fuel economy during operation. This revolutionary train offers an eco-friendly mode of transportation and a comfortable experience for passengers with a total capacity of 260 seats and a range of over 600 kilometers.


The hydrogen-powered Coradia Stream trains are based on Alstom's existing single-deck Coradia Stream regional train model. These trains can operate on non-electrified rail lines, providing an eco-friendly alternative to diesel-powered trains. The Coradia Stream trains were designed and produced in Italy, with Alstom's involvement across multiple facilities in the country.

"This is a project with a high innovation content, embracing social, economic, geographic, environmental, and mobility dimensions, and it has great value in terms of sustainability because it allows us to use the already existing railway infrastructure by putting new hydrogen trains into service, which are able to cut emissions, contributes to the decarbonization of mobility in the valley and ensure greater comfort for travelers,” commented FNM President Andrea Gibelli.

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