ÖBB: extensive planned investments in Austrian railways

ÖBB: extensive planned investments in Austrian railways
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ÖBB is continuing its large expansion and investment programme in 2023. By 2028, 19 billion euros will be invested in railway expansion throughout Austria.

ÖBB has presented its investment plans for this year. It will invest a record €1.2 billion in the eastern region's construction and modernization of railways. In addition to the maintenance and modernization of railway facilities, the focus is on further expansion and emphasizes the importance of the railway in terms of climate protection.

"In transport, we have a big impact on the fight against the climate crisis. We want to inspire even more people to use public transport with an attractive public transport offer. People in Austria also want to travel in a climate-friendly way - especially if it's comfortable, easy, and cheap,” said Leonore Gewessler, Climate Protection Minister.

Significant milestones will be reached on the southern line in 2023: the double-track extension of the Pottendorfer Line will enter its final phase in the Vienna area and between Münchendorf and Wampersdorf. The environmental impact assessment for the construction of the Ebenfurth loop will also be conducted in 2023. This is an important first step towards making rail transport between Eisenstadt and Vienna competitive with car transport. On the western line, investment in an efficient rail network continues: the construction of the Tullnerbach-Pressbaum station, which is a prerequisite for even better local transport services in Vienna's catchment area, is progressing. In Vienna, construction work to make the connecting railway more attractive should start in the autumn of 2023. Additional stops and a more frequent S80 line will create an attractive west-east connection across the city.

"As Austria's largest mobility provider, we will continue to consistently expand our domestic rail infrastructure in 2023. ÖBB's construction programme of EUR 19 billion until 2028 is not only of particular importance in terms of climate protection but also has a stabilizing and activating effect on the domestic economy at a time of numerous crises. With major line extensions and many smaller and larger modernization works, ÖBB is ensuring an increasingly attractive public transport offer,” commented Andreas Matthä, Chairman of the Board of ÖBB-Holding.

Modernization of the rail network in other areas of Austria:

Upper Austria - ÖBB is investing EUR 331 million in this region this year.

One of the main investment targets remains the extension of the western line by four tracks. At the same time, the modernization and servicing of the railway lines and the modernization of the stations, which are characteristic of the construction activity, are being carried out. From autumn 2023, the redevelopment of the freight terminal in Wels is planned. Modernization and automation will enable more efficient handling in the future and thus an increase in the share of rail freight transport.  

Voralberg - ÖBB is investing EUR 52 million in this region this year.

In addition to the completion of the ten-year project to extend the railway line between St. Mark's and Lauterach, this year's investment programme in Vorarlberg includes the start of the barrier-free rebuilding of the Klauss station, additional parking spaces at stations, measures for barrier-free access and ongoing maintenance of the railway network. 

Tirol - ÖBB is investing EUR 563 million in this region this year.

Most of this year's investments will go toward the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel. The Brenner Base Tunnel, with its 64 km, will become the world’s longest underground railway link, promoting fast, safe and sustainable mobility between Munich and Verona, the strategic axis of the European Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

Salzburg region -  ÖBB is investing EUR 171 million in this region this year.

Modernization work will continue on the 242 km long rail network, as well as the start of construction of the new Seekirchen Süd station.  Construction of the Tauernmoos power plant is also continuing, bringing ÖBB significantly closer to producing more of its own green electricity.  

Styria -  ÖBB is investing EUR 642 million in this region this year.

In addition to maintenance and modernization, the new southern line and climate protection remain top priorities. The Koralm railway between Graz and Klagenfurt will be finalized. In 2023, all remaining structural work will be completed and the entire line will be equipped with modern railway technology. The 33 km long Koralm Tunnel - will also be equipped with rails throughout 2023.

Carinthia - ÖBB is investing EUR 379 million in this region this year.

The Carinthian parts of the Koralm Railway will go into operation at the end of 2023, a major milestone for the project of the century. The construction of the Obervellach II power plant, which will in the future produce green traction current "Made in Carinthia", will also be under construction. The new power station will increase local energy production by more than 35 percent.

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