Spain: Alstom to supply 49 Coradia Stream trains to Renfe

Spain: Alstom to supply 49 Coradia Stream trains to Renfe

With the new high-capacity trains, Renfe will be able to transport at least 20% more passengers per hour at the busiest rail hubs in Spain.

Renfe has awarded Alstom a contract worth almost €370 million to supply an additional 49 Coradia Stream high-capacity trains. These trains will supplement the 152 trains that Renfe ordered from Alstom in March 2021. The total value of the two contracts is €1.8 billion for the delivery of 201 trains, including the supply of spare parts and maintenance of 56 trains for 15 years. The trains will be manufactured at Alstom's manufacturing plant in Santa Perpetua, Barcelona.

“This is a historic project for Alstom in Spain, not only because of its scale, but also because it is a project built on a global sustainability concept – beginning at the tendering and design phase. The trains are fully accessible, designed with all passengers in mind, sustainably developed according to eco-design criteria, and replete with innovative features both in the design and the manufacturing process,” said Leopoldo Maestu, Managing Director of Alstom Spain and Portugal.

The design of the new trains will provide passengers with maximum capacity thanks to innovative interior layouts and flexible spaces. The trains will be 100 meters long and have a capacity of 900 passengers. Their innovative mixed-configuration design, with both single and double-deckers, responds to the mobility needs of large urban centers. Numerous access doors and large distribution halls facilitate the entry and exit of passengers, allowing a decrease in station stop times. 

The trains are manufactured in accordance with sustainable operation criteria - from the selection of raw materials to the traction systems. They will be operated at optimum energy efficiency and will be 98% recyclable at the end of their service life.

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