RAILWAY FILM SERIES: The Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter

RAILWAY FILM SERIES: The Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter
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Who hasn't heard of Harry Potter and the legendary train to Hogwarts? In fictional transport, few evoke as much wonder and nostalgia as the Hogwarts Express. For countless fans of the wizarding world, this majestic scarlet steam locomotive is not just a means of transport, but a portal to adventure and enchantment.

From the moment it pulls up to platform 9¾ at King's Cross Station, the Hogwarts Express captivates first-time passengers and seasoned witches and wizards alike. The iconic sight of the crimson locomotive billowing steam against the backdrop of the mundane Muggle world is an invitation to leave the ordinary behind and embrace the extraordinary. During the long journey to Hogwarts, students could enjoy treats such as pumpkin pies and chocolate frogs from a trolley, as well as a buffet car.

It was on the Hogwarts Express in 1991 that Harry Potter first met Ronald Weasley and many of the other people who would play a significant role in his life, including Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, and, in later years, Remus Lupin and Luna Lovegood. Harry first encountered a Dementor on the Hogwarts Express in 1993; the creatures had stopped the train to determine if escaped criminal Sirius Black was on board.

© K B on Unsplash
© K B on Unsplash

Behind-the-scenes facts:

  • The Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films is hauled by steam locomotive no. 5972 "Olton Hall" (built April 1937), which has been repainted and fitted with Hogwarts Castle nameplates.
  • Platform 9¾: The famous Platform 9¾ at King's Cross Station, where students board the Hogwarts Express, is not a real platform. However, due to the immense popularity of the Harry Potter series, King's Cross Station has a special area between platforms 9 and 10 where fans can take photos of themselves pushing a carriage into the wall.
  • Carriage Magic: The interiors of the carriages have been meticulously designed to evoke the magical world of Harry Potter. Attention to detail included the distinctive red upholstery, luggage racks, and iconic frosted windows, which added to the mystical atmosphere.
  • The real Hogwarts Express: The train, known as the Jacobite Express, travels the breathtaking route between Fort William and Mallaig through Scotland between April and October.
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