Girteka and CargoBeamer reach 20,000th intermodal transport milestone

Girteka and CargoBeamer reach 20,000th intermodal transport milestone

This achievement demonstrates the growing popularity of intermodal transport as a more sustainable and efficient way of moving goods.

Girteka, the largest asset-based road freight operator in Europe, and CargoBeamer, an operator of rail connections and terminals for non-craneable semi-trailers in Europe, have announced that they have reached a significant milestone in their partnership: the 20,000th Girteka semi-trailer transport on a CargoBeamer train. Girteka is the first road hauler to reach this milestone with CargoBeamer.

The partnership between the two companies began in October 2017, and has since grown to include three intermodal routes connecting Germany, Italy, and Lithuania. Girteka and CargoBeamer have worked together to make intermodal transport more efficient and accessible, and their partnership has helped to reduce CO2 emissions from the logistics sector.

"The flexibility and capacity that large logistics companies like Girteka bring to the table are indispensable in keeping Europe's goods flowing, especially in uncertain times," said Boris Timm, Chief Operating Officer at CargoBeamer. "By integrating road and rail through intermodal solutions, we are creating a logistics network that is not only more sustainable but also more adaptable to the challenges ahead.”

The partnership between Girteka and CargoBeamer is a concrete example of how intermodal transport can help to decarbonize the logistics sector. By working together, the two companies are helping to make freight transportation more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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